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Dating IRL Blog

All things funny, weird, sexy and thoughtful for dating IRL (In Real Life)

  1. Wear Comfy Shoes

When you’re comfortable (and not self-conscious) in your appearance, it shows!

We know this is probably the last item you expected to be on the list but it is here for a reason. Have you ever worn something a little too tight? Ill fitting? Shirt so crispy you can’t really move? Ummmm….yeah, these are never a good look. We’re not suggesting you wear your 5-year old, not-sure-the-last-time-you-washed-them sneakers or those orthopedic shoes your mom bought you, we’re just suggesting you keep it simple and comfortable.


  1. No Cell Phone Zone

Commit to turning your phone on silent during your date or leaving it in your pocket or purse.

No Cell zone, no cell zone, they know better, they know better (in my Rae Sremmurd, No Flex Zone voice. If you don’t get the reference, no worries, here’s a clue,  Multi-tasking is overrated and we have yet to meet anyone who has mastered the fine art of texting while dating. Be courteous, be present…put down your phone and give your date your FULL attention. You never know, this person could be your happily EVER after, or for that matter your happily NEVER after… but how will you know the difference if you don’t give your date the time and attention they deserve.


  1. Leave your “List” at home

Let go of finding perfection, you just might meet someone who is perfectly imperfect.

So…. This is one of our favorite rules. Enough is enough with all the requirements and “must haves”. Are you looking for a human being or an unrealistic robot? Unfortunately, some of you think dating is like ordering a grande, mocha, frap, skim milk, six shots of simple syrup with whipped cream Starbucks. And of course, if Starbucks doesn’t get your drink perfectly right, they just make you a new one. We are sorry to tell you that real life is not like ordering a delicious beverage from Starbucks. Perfection does not exist so do us ALL a FAVOR and stop looking for it. Sure, we all have preferences, and that’s okay, but don’t let yourself be so limited that you miss out on a few good ones just simply because they didn’t measure up to your expectations.


  1. Wrap It Up

Set an end time for your date in advance to cut down on the pressure of “what’s next?”

We know what you were thinking, ok maybe not, but we definitely know what you COULD have been thinking… and it’s not what you thought…. Dirty minds. When we say wrap it up, we are referring to your date. Ok, that still doesn’t sound right, geesh! What we are clearly having a hard time saying, no pun intended, is that you should put a specific time limit on your date in advance. This takes a huge amount of pressure off of you and your date. If things aren’t going well then you have an easy exit plan. And if things are going great, which is always fun, then you can both decide to extend the date. Regardless, having a set start and end time will give both daters the opportunity to connect without the awkwardness of “what’s next?”. Plus, dating is expensive… especially for men (sorry, damn societal “rules”) so give your wallet a break as well.



  1. Replace the selfie “you” with the real YOU

The real YOU will always be better than the “you” that you pretend to be.

You’ve got a date with a new cutie, you walk into the restaurant, introduce yourself and your date has a strange look on their face. Why??? Because they don’t recognize YOU! They are confused because the person staring at them doesn’t appear to resemble the person from the online profile that they were expecting to meet. Spoiler Alert: In real life you can’t bring your carefully angled, filtered, edited “selfie you”. You can only bring the real YOU and the real YOU is so much better!


BTW…We are experts in dating, not grammar, so please excuse our obsessive use of commas, quotations and whatever the heck this “…” is called. Maybe the three dot thingy?