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Bros and Besties:
Friendship Compatibility

prepared for Barack (8/4/1961) & Michelle (1/17/1964)

Section 1: Sun

Sun - Soul to Soul

Success Comes Easily - Sun trine Jupiter

Together, you two will find growth and success. You'll both go through some changes as individuals that will be supported through your connection with each other. For example, one of you might choose to go back to school to advance your education, or you might change jobs in order to move onto a career path that's more closely aligned with the type of person you want to become. Your friendship will support these kinds of major life changes, as you'll each offer one another the unconditional support and encouragement that will make both of you feel optimistic, even lucky, as if you can't go wrong. You'll discuss the changes you're undergoing with each other and will listen with an open heart and an avid ear.

Competitive Energy - Sun opposition Mars

Yours will be an energetic and highly competitive friendship. The need to do, to act, to initiate and to compete will come to the forefront in each of you. There won't be any sitting around when you two are together; you'll quickly learn that being lazy together leads to arguments and conflicts. When you're not channeling your collective energy into team sports or physical feats of competition, or working hard together on a specific project, you'll tend to zero right in on each other's weak points. Your friend seems to challenge you at every turn. Both of you could feel as if your individuality or your ego is at war with your pal's; any disagreement will feel like a personal attack. In order to avoid the pointless flare-ups that could become a regular occurrence, you'll both need to stay positive and recognize that working together definitely beats fighting against each other.

An Elusive Problem - Sun square Neptune

There will be something mysterious, even confusing between you. It might be that you just can't see your friend for the person they truly are. The problem could be as difficult to pinpoint as it is to understand, but you'll both feel the effects. Your pal may insist everything is fine, even though both of you know that's not true. Or they might make a judgment of you -- not a positive one -- and then deny it or change the subject when you try to get it out in the open. In some way, hidden emotional influences will affect your relationship and you'll have a hard time talking them out. The best way to deal with this might be just to make sure that each of you asserts your individuality. Neither of you should submerge parts of your personality just because you think your friend might like you better if you do.

Section 2: Mercury

Mercury - Spilling Secrets

Friends Or Adversaries? - Mercury opposition Mars

Communication won't be smooth and easy for you two. You like to think things through carefully and logically, but your friend won't follow your lead; they're used to acting and reacting, which could intimidate or at least annoy you. Things will start out okay, but then all of a sudden you'll find yourselves in an argument -- and often over the silliest subjects. If you try to trace what happened, you'll find that some minor irritation occurred somewhere along the line, but instead of just glossing over it and moving on, your pal picked it up and ran with it, turning it into something much bigger than it ever needed to be. Misperceptions and projections will run rampant between you. Even the more even-tempered of the two of you will get into this kind of behavior; you'll just draw it out of each other. Patience with each other could be hard to come by in this friendship.

Opposing Viewpoints - Mercury opposition Sun

You have very different ways of thinking, which could lead to some basic misunderstandings. Your ideas about life in general are pretty different. This could lead to misinterpreting one another's basic natures, as it's easier to project your own ideas onto the other person than it is to step outside your own point of view to try to see things from their unique perspective. You won't necessarily argue over your opposing viewpoints; it's more likely that you'll each just overlook the other's true feelings or opinions. You two will also find that you communicate very differently. These differences could become a major problem between you, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you both make a conscious effort to be positive, accepting and encouraging of one another's individuality, you'll both feel much more willing and able to express yourselves in the way that is most natural to you. Acceptance is key here, in order to make this friendship work.

Section 3: Venus

Venus - Friends and Crushes

Harmonious Friendship - Venus trine Venus

This aspect has a good chance of leading to a long term friendship, because you two will feel in sync with each other's rhythms. You'll have a great connection and a wonderful bond as friends, as two people who just really, really like each other. The more you learn about each other, the better you'll get along. The empathy you'll feel for each other will be strong and natural and will help smooth out any problems that might arise between you. You'll give each other a lot of support and affection. You'll just want to get along, to treat each other well and make your amigo feel as cared for and supported as they make you feel. Remember to appreciate this bond and don't take it for granted! Even the best of friendships needs tender nurturing.

Misperceptions Are Likely - Venus opposition Mercury

Your friend's image of who you are and what you value in life will likely conflict with the reality of your personality. The question is, are you strong enough in your sense of self to communicate your truth to them? Because doing so will be a challenge, even for someone who is absolutely sure of who they are and what in life matters to them. Your friend's misperceptions of you could actually have a difficult effect. They'll project ideas onto you that have little to do with the person you really are, and it'll be up to you to steer things in the right direction. Furthermore, you could find yourselves on opposite sides of many issues, with you on the feeling side and your friend on the logical, thinking one. Meeting on common ground won't be simple; again, you'll have to fight through your friend's image of you and supplant it with one that's more true and accurate. This will take some time.

Section 4: Mars

Mars - Action and Adventure

A Powerful Force - Mars conjunct Pluto

How this influence will affect your friendship will be up to the two of you, and will depend on various factors: how you each normally deal with strong emotions, since this will intensify them; how well you'll be able to work together, because you could potentially accomplish a lot. Basically, this influence is one of very potent force! But for a lot of friends, it could turn out to be hard to deal with, as it could lead to battles of will, with your pal taking the authoritarian side, allowing themselves to be completely overtaken by the unconscious and overwhelming feelings of power they experience. This kind of pairing of irrationality and stubbornness is obviously not the best use of the power generated by this influence, nor will it be the most fun. But you could work as a team and divert all that intense energy into a project that you'll work on together. After all, with this influence on your side, together you could move mountains!

Active And Inspiring - Mars trine Sun

Your friend's individuality will inspire you to be the most confident, positive-thinking and assertive person you can be. You'll simply feel amped up and excited when you're together, and physical activities are likely to be an important part of your connection. Getting out of the house will be an exciting prospect for both of you, whether it's for a jog, a day on the town, or an out-of-town adventure. Teamwork will be one of your fortes as a pair; in fact, you'd make excellent partners in business as well as friends. You'll find that you have similar ideas and ambitions, as well as compatible methods of going after your goals. Mutual support and encouragement will become an important part of the foundation of your connection. You'll push and inspire each other to be the best individuals you can possibly be.

The Creative Unknown - Mars sextile Neptune

You'll support each other to a nice degree, emotionally and creatively. If you feel like your friendship is fated in the sense that you've come together for a specific purpose, you might be right! There's a lot you could both accomplish with this friendship in place. This aspect's influence could lead to a spiritual transformation within you, especially -- a move to higher emotional or creative ground -- if you're careful to stay open with your buddy. You'll offer them a lot of energy, enthusiasm and support, but you'll have to be careful about keeping the lines of communication open. This will be a positive influence as long as you trust it. Moving forward together into the creative unknown will likely be a positive thing.

Section 5: Jupiter

Jupiter - Beliefs in Common

Energy Surge - Jupiter conjunct Mars

Together, you two will make things happen! Expect an energy surge when you're together. You'll have an expansive effect on your friend's ambitions and drive; whatever they want, you'll help them go for it, either by teaching or showing them how or by encouraging them to pursue it on their own. Teamwork will be a positive focus of your friendship; you'll work well together. You'll be active, too, meeting up for exercise or to attend social events and network with all your friends and acquaintances. If you ever go into business together or simply tackle a project, you'll make a great working team, one with complementary strengths. Just be sure to stay active together; otherwise, the considerable energy you'll generate together could be too much to handle.

Bringing Out The Best - Jupiter conjunct Sun

A sense of mutual support and optimism will warm up your friendship and keep both of you feeling charged up and optimistic. You'll admire your buddy from the start and respond to their personality instinctively. You'll understand that their values match up with yours at a core level, which will make you feel open and free to be genuine with them. You'll be generous with your time, attention, support and more. Getting along with each other in a fun, friendly way will be a focus for both of you, but this friendship won't be just about fun and games. Your influence will be strengthening for your friend; their creativity will grow when they're around you, because they'll be able to indulge that expansive way of thinking and being. You'll bring out the best in each other.

Section 6: Saturn

Saturn - The Real Deal

Complementary Differences - Saturn conjunct Mars

You have some different yet complementary strengths; will you blend them together or use them as reason to push each other away? You often set an example of maturity and a willingness to work together, but it will be all too easy for you to slip into a controlling role and treat your friend as if they're immature, unpredictable or unruly. Of course, they have goals, drives and ambitions that are out of your control, and you'll simply have to accept that. If you can't, your relationship dynamic will devolve a series of power struggles to determine who's the top dog. That's unfortunate since friendships are supposed to be between equals. That's where the maturity and self-control come in: You'll need to focus on controlling your own behavior and attitude, rather than trying to control your partner. If you can do that, then you'll be able to release the more positive potential of this relationship, which is combining your practical, grounded nature with your partner's sense of ambition and working together as a solid, capable, driven team.

It's A Serious Thing - Saturn conjunct Sun

You're certainly the more serious person in this friendship, and may feel a sense of responsibility or duty towards your friend. But when they try to assert the fact that they're an individual, you could find it hard to grant them the space and freedom they need. When you see them behaving in ways you don't approve of, you'll let them know about it. Hey, you're just trying to help them mature and become a better, more stable person, right? But that's not how they'll take it. To them, any criticism, subtle or overt, will feel like a limitation to them, and one they could resent. Even well-intended advice won't always be welcome. They aren't looking for another parental figure, after all; they're looking for a friend and an equal. So don't take that dynamic too far. Be their equal, even if you're older or have had more life experience than they've had. They'll mature in their own time, and since this friendship has a good chance of lasting long-term, so you've got little to worry about in that respect.

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