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We LISTEN but don't judge,
ADVISE but don't preach, and are
EXPERIENCED but not old-fashioned


What exactly is a Dutch Uncle ?

What exactly is a <em>Dutch Uncle</em> ?

Dutch Un•cle /‘dech en-kel/ n.

  • One who gives firm but well-meaning advice

A Dutch Uncle is an old term with a new twist. It’s everything you need to hear but refuse to listen to. A Dutch Uncle does what your bestie, your bros, and your mama can’t — give you honest, expert advice to get your love life on to happily ever after.

We provide on-demand, dating advice from "uncles" that listen but don't judge, advise but don't preach and are experienced but not old-fashioned.


Need Some Quick Advice?

Need Some <em>Quick Advice?</em>

Click on the buttons below for the best (and worst) advice the universe has to offer.
Some are a little flirty, some a little dirty, and some from a little birdie (Stan the Man).

Take Control Of Your Love Life

Why do you need a Dutch Uncle ?

Why do you need a <em>Dutch Uncle</em> ?

Here are a few reasons you need a Dutch Uncle:

  1. Your co-worker is tired of hearing about your love life.
  2. The divorce rate is 50%. Don’t become a statistic.
  3. Drunk dialing is not a healthy form of communication.
  4. We won’t tell you that “your standards are too high”.

Dutch Uncle is your go-to for honest, expert advice on all things dating and relationships. We’re here to help you take your love life from WTF to OMG.

We understand your frustrations and just like you we have a love/hate relationship with online dating, have wondered at some point if we will ever find our soul mate and have been embarrassed to tell our friends that we reconnected with that one person we promised to never talk to again. We get it! Been there, done that, a few times!


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